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On May 7th, 2013 The Empty Bottle hosted one of the nastiest bills in the history of the venue –Chicago thrash upstarts Oozing Wound opening up for Black Pus, the raucous and otherworldly solo project of artist and drummer Brian Chippendale, whose All My Relations had been released just a month prior. Both bands played earth-shattering sets, leaving all in attendance in the kind of daze that is unique to extended exposure to incredible, and incredibly loud, music. The bond that formed that night between the Pus and the Ooze was instant, and it wasn’t long before plans were set in motion for these kindred spirits to occupy the same slab of vinyl. The Black Pus/Oozing Wound split captures both bands energy in a raw form. Intended as a limited edition tour record, the split is not a mere raw blast, it shows a new side to Black Pus and is a teaser for the monster sophomore album from Oozing Wound being mixed in April 2014.

“Blood Will Run,” which opens the Black Pus side of the LP, is the first Black Pus track to feature clean vocals, free of the distortion and hiss that has always masked Chippendale’s vocals be that live or on record. Chippendale chose to record the vocals unaffected in order that they could be up front, in the listener’s face. The song deals with the senseless shooting of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn after a disagreement over loud music coming from an SUV that Davis was a passenger in. “Total Eclipse” is a 14-minute epic that, in classic Chippendale fashion, is driven by his galvanic drumming and caked in glorious noise.

Oozing Wound provide three tracks that are pure studio creations, the product of editing down 4 hours of audio into one concise 15 minute blast of primitive riffs, bass moans, and lurching drums. “Ganja Gremlin” and “Aging Punk” retain the bands signature reckless abandon and humor, but deviate from the format of the bulk of the songs on the band’s debut Retrash. “All Things Must Pass Out” is pure, sludgy riff worship.


released June 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Oozing Wound Chicago, Illinois

Three dudes and the desire to slay.

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Track Name: Oozing Wound - Ganja Gremlin
We've got a caravan
And yeah, it's really nice
We've got a caravan
Oh yeah, real nice

I've got a record stack
But it ain't telling me
I've got a record stack
It's all TV to me

Oh I'm a copycat
Can't pin a pet on me
Oh I'm a copycat?
Copy Copy Copy Me
Track Name: Oozing Wound - Aging Punk
Well I've been taking
I've been taken down
I've been a user of this great system
No trial!
No money down!
one of the one
one of the one
one of the one
one of the one endowed

You been missing
You been messing around
You went out when I was inin'
You been off since I was on
No trial!
No money down!
one of the one
one of the one
one of the one
one of the one endowed
Track Name: Oozing Wound - All Things Must Pass Out
Gun to my head
I still don't know
What can I say?
Let it dwell
Let it sink
Won't you let me?
I bet you crawled
Carry on, carrion
Comfort and feast me
But your words don't offer
Trust or comfort
I'm dead limbed and dead set

Why change?
Can't cage a horse midstream
I'm--I'm under lock and key

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